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The Other Art Fair Brooklyn

A four day event, The Other Art Fair (TOAF) at the Brooklyn Expo Center in New York ended on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

TOAF featured 130 local and international artists selected from over 700 applicants. I was honored to have been selected and participated. The experience was phenomenal. I met many amazing and talented artists whom I will stay in touch.

Over 13,000 ticket holders either caught a glimpse or stared or talked to me about my four paintings appreciating Jackson Pollock. Pollock dripped and splattered enamel paint while I "piped" acrylic paint onto canvas.

Rhapsody in Blue


Rhapsody in White


I received positive feedback from the viewers\curators that stopped and talked me. One of them said, "the only reason I came into TOAF was because I saw your painting through the window" I have also been asked to participate in shows in New York, Los Angeles, and Palm Beach.

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