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Art on the Avenue 2017

It was a beautiful day for Art on the Avenue in Del Ray (Alexandria), Virginia. Sunny and warm (in the 80s). This year, I collaborated with "reductionist transformation" artist Scott Ray Ediger in his first official show. We met at the site around 8:30 am. Completed the setup around 10 AM (show start time) with the new mesh walls. Hanging the artwork was harder than the metal panels. However, we had more display room as well as booth room.

Scott sold his first piece at 10:43 AM, Way to go Scott! Later in the day, Scott sold his second piece.

I sold six 11" x 14" matted digital art. I had a special offering price for these matted art.

From the tennis group, David M and AJ stopped by first. Followed by Charles, Kylee, Connor, and Colby. Mom, Shando, Jingyi, and Peter were in-between the other people from the tennis group. John, JJ, Carol, Eric, Kyle, and Sasha were the last people to stop by from the tennis group.

We completed the breakdown at 6:21 pm - a new record (haha). Yes, four people were quicker than two.

Looking forward to Art on the Avenue 2018.

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