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Artomatic 2017! Part Deux

Today, hubby and I left the house around 10 AM to attend the 11 AM orientation and site (wall) selection. We were greeted by George Koch who founded Artomatic. It was nice to listen to him when he spoke of Artomatic history as well as listening to the participants' stories.

Hubby and I determined that space #9180 would be perfect for me. It is on the ninth floor. As you exit the elevators bank, it will one of the two rooms at the end of the hallway. I have two walls (l-shape with about 20 linear feet to display my work); however, a door will block part of one of the two walls. I am planning to place my 8 feet by 2 feet 6 inch signage behind the door. I think that would work out to be the best location for the signage because I don't want a painting behind the door. I have selected the four paintings that I will hang for the show. I am not revealing the names of the paintings as you will need to attend the exhibit and if you cannot attend I will reveal the names of the paintings after the opening. #artomatic2017@artbyawang

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